Gintama Live-Action Movie Subbed

Gintama Live-Action Movie Subbed

Gintama Live-Action Movie English Subbed. Watch Gintama Live-Action Movie in High Quality HD online on
You Are watching Gintama Live-Action Movie SUBBED. SUBBED Live-Actionin the TV Anime Series Gintama .



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33 thoughts on “Gintama Live-Action Movie Subbed”

      • You know what’s the dumbest part in all this?

        This comes from the bluray. Meaning they could’ve uploaded the original + English subs. Yet they chose to upload the Chinese dub.

        It’s basically a knee to the crotch for fans from Europe, like myself, who’ve been waiting for months.

        Japan, China, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and America (and several more) all get the movie in theatres + bluray.
        Europe, so far, gets jack shit.. We literally have to wait untill someone’s kind enough to upload the original + English subs. Which could take months more …

        • Well, for Japan, European anime community is still too small. They aim for North America and Asia because they just have higher revenues, while in european regions, anime and manga as still kind of niché market.

          • If they’re on the dvd’s, then they’re as official as can be. And nearly all most spoken languages are on the dvd’s. From Japanese, to Chinese, to Korean, to English, to French, to Dutch, to Russian and so on.

          • True, but compared to North America, amount of official ones is still abismall. And even then it extends to those more popular and mostly mainstreams ones.

          • Oh, you mean the number of anime? Not the subs? That few anime get subs/dubs?

            Yeah, agree on that. Generally it’s the mainstream ones indeed. When talking official.
            But we have little to complain about in terms of fan subs, nearly every language in the world. Though most people, myself included, prefer original Japanese with English subs.
            And as soon as they hit bluray and dvd, these should be available. Like here. Yet somehow it always takes an extreme long time when it’s for movies, and even longer for live action movies. Despite the subs literally being on the Chinese blurays as well.. :/ That’s just, for lack of a better word, bullying.

            We’ll probably still won’t have it by March.
            Heck, the AoT live action movies and short series still don’t have decent subs :/

          • I gotta agree with you on the terms of DVD/Bluray.
            Namely in my country. There’s so litttle amount of officialy avaible (Though fan-subs are plentiful) that finding something new can be hard. Pinacle of anime airing on TV are the “timeless clasic type” (Ghibli films, or something associated with Miyazaki), or Marvel licensed ones, such as Madhouse’s marvel series. WHich i find questionable, because fanbase is growing faster and faster every year and it’s not longer just Naruto or Bleach.
            Not to mention that even world-wide succes knows as Kimi No Na Wa aren’t avaible anywhere else then single airing on Anime Con.
            I still don’t get it what stops them from licensing it, knowing how big european community already is.

          • And I don’t get what stops them from posting the Japanese version of this movie with the english subs. :/ Been waiting forever now.. We got a perfectly watchable quality over here but then they use the Chinese dub and chinese subs for some reason.. :/ really grinds my gears. I just wanna watch and enjoy this movie already.

          • Could be that Japanese version wasn’t avaible or decoded yet. Or they just didn’t find it in time and used the chinese version instead.

          • Dunno, they probably just gave up on it. Check other websites, i am sure you’ll have more luck finding it anywhere else, then waiting here.

          • But they’re on the dvd :/ And that’s been out for weeks. I’ve never heard of dvd’s/blurays with only one dub language and only sub language. :/ That’s back from VHR’s.

            How about the original dubs? I’ve no problem watching it raw, but not with Chinese dub.. That’s just unnatural and wrong

          • But what does that mean?
            Subs for the Chinese dub we got here?
            Or are we getting the original Japanese dub with proper subs?

            Because even if you sub the Chinese dub with English subs, it’d still be unwatchable because it’s a Japanese movie with Chinese dub.. That’s the main problem here.

            Like i said, I’ve no problem watching it raw if the language was correct.

          • Awesome, it’s finally here! ^^ Perfect Christmas gift (just wish I had something to smoke .. :p )

            Btw, where can I download this? The download button isn’t working. Keeps redirecting me to the update page for new episodes.

            And Merry Christmas ^^

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